• Archeostamp #: HR 2022.01
  • País: Croacia
  • Fecha: 11.07.2022
  • Tema principal: Anfiteatro de Pula
  • Valores: 12.30 HRK
  • Tirada: 30.000
  • Tamaño: 49.28 x 29.82 mm
  • Perforación: Comb,14
  • Papel: Blanco 102 g, engomado
  • Diseñador: Dean Roksandić
  • Grabador / Foto: -
  • Impresor: AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Técnica: Offset


Pula - Pola was surrounded by walls with twelve gates to enter the city. The walls from the Golden Gate to the Twin Gate have been preserved and reconstructed to this day. The amphitheater of Pula was constructed with a monumental technique in stone and remains one of the oldest stone amphitheaters of the Roman Empire. It is the largest, most popular and one of the best preserved monuments of ancient architecture in Croatia.

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